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Keep an eye out for these common roofing and spouting problems.  Catching and resolving small issues early can often prevent much larger repairs in the future.

Raised and missing roof nails and screws

Roof Nails


- Nails missing, sitting proud or loose in your gutter

- Roof sheets making a noise in wind

- Visibly rusty nails, rust lines or marks

Possible Solutions:

- Roof Re-screw.  Nails and washers often perish first.  If caught in time, a re-screw can help delay a full re-roof.

- Re-roof.  If your roof is over 30 years old or the rusting screws have spread significantly into the sheets, a re-roof may be necessary. 

Roof Rust.png

Rust & Paint Bubbles


- Rust patches

- Paint bubbling

Possible Solutions:

- Rust treatment.  Small spots of rust that are not very deep can be treated with rust inhibitor and painted over.

- Re-roof.  If the rust is too deep, the roof may need to be replaced.

Spouting Damage.png

Spouting Damage


- Rust spots / holes

- Leaking, perished or broken joints

- Sagging, warping or cracking

Possible Solutions

- Spouting replacement.  Gutters last 10-20 years.  After a certain age they are not usually repairable as removing any section leads to damaging the adjoining ones.  If your gutters need replacing, we recommend continuous metal gutters for a neater look, less joins and a longer lifespan.

Water Leaks.png

Water Leaks & Paint Discolouration


- Water coming down the walls or through the ceiling or light fittings

- Paint discolouration or mould on the ceiling or soffits


Possible Solutions

- Various.  Water is getting into your house and needs to be dealt with swiftly.  Many different issues with your roof or spouting can be the cause.  Water moves along roof beams, so often the problem is far away from where the water is visible.  Untreated, it will only get worse.  Timber can rot, dangerous mould can form and the water can short electrical systems and ruin fittings and furniture.


“I just want to say a big thank you regarding the service I have received and the level of workmanship. Just amazing !”

Bernice R - Nov 2019

“Very happy with their service, was recommend Kiwispout by others, went beyond to help me fix the situation. Turned up a day later and completed the job to a high standard. Would use them again and recommend them to others.”

Jarrod A
- Aug 2019

“Highly recommend Kiwispouting. Professional, helpful and excellent workmanship. Special mention for Lesley who kept us informed. Thankyou to the team for a job well done”

Roka C - Oct 2019

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