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Roofing and Spouting are major expenses that should last you decades.  It is vital that you choose the right contractor to do this work.  Check through the list below to see what to look out for and why we think KiwiSpout is the right choice for you.

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Quote or Estimate?

Have you been provided with a quote or an estimate?


A quote is an agreement to do a job at a fixed price.  An estimate is a rough idea of the costs involved.  Unscrupulous contractors will give you a seemingly low price on their estimate and "find" all sorts of issues once they start work to push the price up.

An accurate quote should be possible 99% of the time.  Don't be taken advantage of.  KiwiSpout will always provide you with a quote and we will stand by our pricing.


Work Scope

Once you have a quote, make sure the entire work scope is included in the price.  Ask for your quote to list everything, in detail, that will be included so that you have it in writing.

Common issues include; entire sections of work left out, missing scaffolding or edge protection, and the re-use of old materials which may no longer be suitable (e.g. old flashings on a new roof). 

KiwiSpout quotes will list all work and all materials, including their areas and lengths, so you always know exactly what you have been quoted for.

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Are the materials being supplied the correct quality and specification?

If you live near the coast, geothermal areas, or farms, materials with higher durability coatings may be required.  Using substandard materials will result in a significantly shorter lifespan and the manufacturer will not honour a warranty without them.

We only use NZ-certified materials and will ensure the materials used are the correct specification for your location.


Health and Safety

Have sufficient health and safety facilities been allowed for?  Does your roof contain asbestos that needs to be properly handled and disposed of?

If someone is injured on your property as a result of an unsafe work environment, you can be held personally liable.  Even without injury, a roving inspector can issue fines in the tens of thousands of dollars. 


KiwiSpout follows the highest industry standards for health and safety.  We will not compromise the safety of our staff, our clients, or their property.

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Is the contractor a specialist in the work you need done?

There are many types of roofs, gutters and flashings.  Most contractors are good at one type of work but are poor at everything else. 


We only use top-notch craftsmen who are experienced and skilled in the specific work needed for your job.  We regularly use different specialists for different areas of the same job to make sure you get a quality result that will last you for many years.  We will not take on work if we do not feel we can do an excellent job.

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Does the contractor have adequate insurance?

Accidents happen and many "one-man-band" contractors do not have the insurance or funds to cover your costs if they start a fire cutting through an electrical cable or break a pipe that floods your house.

We have extensive public liability insurance to cover the unlikely event of damage being caused to your property. 

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Will the contractor be around in a year's time to sort out any issues you might have? 


Every year many small contractors open and close.  A warranty is no use to you if the installer goes under.

We have been around for many years, and will be for many more.


“Thank you Kiwispout for the fast efficient and wonderful job done on our property.”

Lucky R - Mar 2020

“Great experience with my complete re-roof job, from prompt quote by Ken, saying they will handle everything from scaffolding to cleanup. AND THEY DID. Mica checked ordered and scheduled all contractors, materials to site, rubbish bins, scaffolding up and down on a multi story building, regular rubbish tidy up by Matt. Ken project managed the job on a day to day basis, clambering around the roof checking installation even on his statutory vacation day off. All went like clockwork and to schedule, even with a small hiccup with some flashings which was speedily resolved. All in all a brilliant bunch of people to deal with. I heartily recommend them and will definitely use them again on other buildings I have if I need roofing work in the future.”

Dave B -
Feb 2020

“Have used Kiwispout after hearing positive feedback from elsewhere. Great service, found a way to help and get the job done fast and to a high quality. Would use them again.”

Jarrod A - Aug 2019

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